How to Choose the Right Air-conditioning Servicing Company in Asia – Singapore?

reliable-aircon-companyAre you looking for a professional and quality air-conditioner company in Singapore? Air-conditioning system is one of the most essential electrical appliances in most households. Due to the harsh weather in most Asia country, including Singapore, the weather can get very hot and stuffy and air-conditioner is the only appliances that can keep us cool. However, if your units have breakdown, it can cause you frustration and inconvenience which I am sure all of us have experienced before. Repair jobs is inevitable since the units will encounter issues anytime during operations. Hence, to reduce the possibility of your units having breakdown issue, it is crucial to have regular aircon maintenance and servicing in Singapore to ensure that your air-conditioner is in good working condition.

Looking for a reliable servicing contractor is not that simple. Regular cleaning and servicing for your air-conditioner system is crucial in up keeping the condition of your units. There are many companies promoting themselves as the top notch and professional company. Hence, you need to perform thorough research on the company to check if what they said are accurate. There are many trained aircon technicians providing quality aircon services in Singapore. In this article, we will be discussing some of the tips in choosing a professional aircon company in Singapore

Professional Certificates

The most important thing that you should do is to check if the company is registered with professional bodies in Singapore such as the Building & Construction Authority (BCA). Since there are many different professional bodies in Singapore, always check the authenticity of the certificate. What you can do is to put perform more in-depth research or check with the relevant authorities bodies for clarification.


Air-conditioner Technicians

Another point to consider is to source for companies that have experienced technicians that are popular and recommended by many consumers. The technicians should also be aware of all the safety precautions and have all the necessary safety equipment such as gloves, safety harness, safety helmet, ladder. Other than that, always ensure that the technicians is using the appropriate equipment when cleaning and servicing your air-conditioning system. The technicians should also be professional and experienced in performing these servicing tasks.

Do the Technicians Have Insurance?

When choosing a technicians to service your air-conditioner system, you must ensure that these technicians are insurance bonded. You may think that this is unnecessary, however, in the event that there are any damages incurred, at least you know that there damages are covered by the insurance company. If necessary, you can request for the proof of the insurance from the company.

If you engage in a company that do not have any insurance covered for their technicians, you may find yourself suffer from damages when you spent money on these damages.

Reputable & Certified Aircon Company

It is best to engage an Air-Conditioning company that have been in the air-conditioning industry in Singapore for several years and most importantly, have a good reputation. You can look out for online reviews or if you have a friend that have previously engaged their service, you can ask them about their experience. On the other hand, new air-conditioner companies may not be necessarily bad since they may have new technology and equipment which makes them a better choice.

Hence, it is important to ensure that your air-conditioning contractor is offering quality and reliable aircon servicing in Singapore. This will help you to save a lot of trouble and substantial amount of money. Hence, before engaging any companies, make sure that you have done thorough research and read about their customers’ testimonial. This will allows you to choose a reputable and reliable air-conditioning company in Singapore.

5 Strategy to Save Money While Using an Air-Conditioning


An average amount of energy bills for a households just on air-conditioning is around $350 per month. So in this article, we will go through some of the ways that allows you to save on your energy bills without compromising your comfort level.

Firstly, you should not set and forget the temperature that you have set for your air-conditioning system. Different period of times throughout the day will cause the outdoor temperature to change. Hence, we can change the temperature that we have set to reduce the amount of energy consumption. If you have a centralised air-conditioning system in your house or office, you can use a programmable thermostat by setting it to the appropriate temperature during the day where there is no one in the premises. On the other hand, during the night, you can set the temperature higher. In addition, try to keep the temperature of your air-conditioner at 25 degree Celsius to achieve a cooling comfort and energy saving level. By setting and using the programmable thermostat correctly, it can help you to save an amount of money from your energy bills.

Secondly, always remember to clean or replace your air filters. In almost every air-conditioner system, there will definitely be filters in it. When the filters get dirty, it will reduce the overall efficiency of the system and result in an increase in its energy consumption. Hence, always check the condition of your filters and be prepared to change the filters once every 3 months.

Thirdly, engage professionals for regular check up on your air-conditioning system, especially for centralised aircon which require professional contractor. Hence, by engaging a professional to check on your air-conditioning system, they are able to diagnose any potential issues with your air-conditioner. This will ensure that these problems are being rectified in the early stage before it worsen.

Fourthly, big may not better for you. If you are planning to get an air-conditioner to cool down your room, a window or split aircon will consume much lesser energy to operate as compared to a centralised aircon for your house. Hence, always think how you will use your new air-conditioner to cool down your room and always choose the right capacity units. Do some simple calculation and you will be able to find out which is the right air-conditioning that will suit your needs.

Always look out for the Energy Star or the Energy Efficiency label in Singapore. Regardless you are buying a centralised air-conditioning system, split units or a room unit, the energy efficiency plays an important role in your energy bills. Depending on the models and types of air-conditioner, the units that have Energy Star label will save around 10% to 15% of your energy consumption.


You can find out more about The Energy Label of your air-conditioners in Singapore and see which air-conditioners can meet your needs for your house or office.

Tips in Maintaining your Air-conditioning System

In an air-conditioner, the evaporator coils, filters and fins requires regular maintenance in order for the unit to operate efficiently and smoothly during its years of service. The lack of basic maintenance for your air-conditioning units can results in a decline in the performance of your system and also, increase in its energy consumption. In this article, we will be discussing about the various tips in maintaining your air-conditioning system to keep your units in good working condition.

Air-conditioner Filters


Aircon filters is one of the most important components in an air-conditioner system as it prevent the dust from entering the units, this increase its lifespan. Hence, one of the maintenance tasks will be replacing or clean the air filters to ensure the efficiency of your air-conditioning system. A clogged and dirty air filters will result in a blocked airflow and significantly reduce its efficiency. With the clogged filters, air that went through the filters will carry dirt into the evaporator coils and affects the efficiency in its cooling and heating process. Hence, by replacing or cleaning your air filters, you are able to reduce the energy consumption of your units by around 5% - 10%

If your house are using centralised air-conditioning system, the filters are normally located along with the ducted air-conditioning system. Some of the common filters locations are such as ceilings, walls or in the air-conditioning system. For room aircon, the filters normally located in the grilles that is facing the wall.

There are different types of filters in an air-conditioner, some are reusable while some are required to replace after some time. On average, you should clean or replace your air filters once every month, if not, 2 months. However, case by case basis, if your air-conditioner are being switched on constantly for business use, you will need more attention to these air-conditioner, where the filters should be changed or cleaned more frequently.

Air-conditioner Coils

evaporator coil

Aircon evaporator coil is one of the most essential components in an air-conditioner system. The coils will accumulate dirt and dust over time. A clean filter can prevent the worsening of the condition of the evaporator coils. However, over time, the coils will still accumulate dirt and dust. The accumulated dirt will reduce the efficiency of the heat transfer process and reduce the airflow which affects the overall efficiency of the system. In order to prevent such issues from happening, always check the condition of your evaporator coils and clean it regularly.

Besides the indoor evaporator coils, the outdoor coils can also accumulate dirt and dust if the outdoor environment of your condenser is very dusty or if there are some construction works going on. If you take a look at your outdoor unit, you can easily notice if there are any dust or dirt build up on the coils.

In order to reduce the amount of dirt and dust from building up in your outdoor condenser coils, you should keep your condenser clear from dirt and debris. Plants, trees, etc. are prone to cause dirt and dusts around your unit. Hence, by cleaning the area of your condenser unit can result in proper airflow around the condenser and minimize the dirt or dust from accumulating.

Air-conditioner Coil Fins

coil fin

Another important parts in your aircon system is the aluminum fins on your evaporator coil and outdoor coil where it can potentially block the airflow when the fins are bent. Hence, always ensure that your air-conditioning fins are in good condition to prevent such issues from happening.

Room Air-conditioner- Window Seals

When you have a room air-conditioner in your room, always ensure that the air-conditioning and the windows frame are sealed completely. Overtime, the moisture levels in the room may cause damage to the seals and result in the cool air from escaping from your room.

Hiring a Professional Aircon Servicing Company

There will be situation where your air-conditioner requires more than an regular servicing maintenance. In this case, always hire a professional servicing company. A qualified and well-trained aircon technicians will be able to diagnose potential problems in your system and rectify your aircon problems.

There are some procedures that a professional aircon technicians will carried out. It includes checking of the refrigerant level, test for refrigerant leaks, check any seal leakage for centralised air-conditioning system, measure the airflow level from the indoor units, ensure all electric contacts are secured and tighten, ensure the thermostat are in working condition and many more.

In conclusion, by having all these basic maintenance for your air-conditioning, it will ensure that that your units is in good working condition and increase in its operating efficiency. Other than that, in the long run, it will help you to save on the overall energy consumption from your air-conditioner system and help you to save a substantial amount from the energy bills. Hence, always remember to perform basic maintenance for your air-conditioning system to extend the lifespan of your system.


10 Tips to Save Energy When Using an Air-Conditioning System in Singapore


In Singapore, air-conditioner is a must due to extreme weather in Singapore. There are many ways to save energy without switching the air-conditioning system, however, when the heat and temperature rises up to more than 40 degree Celsius, it is a must to turn on the air-conditioner if not we will get heat stroke even in our house.

I am sure there are many adults are able to ensure the stuffy and hot weather in Singapore, where they find themselves proud to be able to sleep without any air-conditioning units. However, there are some that do not have such endurance or they require aircon due to their own needs. You may have children or elderly that require air-conditioning system, if not your room is full of computers equipment which require cooling to prevent the heat from damaging the components and parts inside. We all understand that, and each of us have our own needs in using an aircon system. Hence, if you want to reduce your energy consumption and save your energy bills while carry on using your air-conditioning system, carry on reading the 10 energy saving tips below.

Set a Higher Temperature at Night

During night time, the outdoor temperature will be much lower as compared to the day. Hence, during the night, you do not need to set the same constant low temperature. So by turning the temperature up, you are able to reduce the amount of energy consumption by the unit.

Use Window or Portable Aircon Units

If you are using an centralised air-conditioning system in your house and you only want to cool down your room instead of the whole house, you can try using a portable air-conditioning system in Singapore. They can save up to 50% of the energy as compared to the central aircon unit when cooling off the same area.

Close all the windows

When you switch on your air-conditioning system, it is crucial to keep your house or room enclosed by closing all the windows. This will prevent the cool air from escaping and this will reduce the amount of time to cool down your room or house.

Engage Regular Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Regular aircon servicing is able improve the condition of your air-conditioning system. Most of your air-conditioning are able to benefits from the general servicing. For example, a dirty air-conditioner can result in an units to work at least 10% harder.

Regularly Check your Ducts

If your house or office is during an centralised air-conditioning system, always ensure that your ducts that are running through your house are properly connected. Always keep check that the ducts are connected and properly insulated as a poorly installed and insulated duct will cause the cool air to be escaped before it reaches your room or house.

Shift your Furniture

Always make sure that your furniture is not blocking the air-conditioning vents or air flow. If not, your air-conditioner will be cooling the furniture instead of the room. I am sure that you will want to enjoy the cool air instead of your furniture.

Try Setting your Temperature to 25 Degree Celsius

25 degree celsius is the optimal temperature that is able to run efficiently and at the same time, reduce the energy consumption of your units. By reducing your temperature by 5 degree celsius will cause your air-conditioning system to use up to 35% more energy, which will increase the energy bills for your units in the long run.


By switching off the lights, you are able to reduce the amount of heat generated by the lights. By reducing the amount of heat in your house or room, it will take lesser time for the air-conditioning units to cool down your room. Besides lightings, the amount of light entering from a open windows can also significantly contribute to the amount of heat in a room. Thus, always keep your windows closed in the day to prevent excessive heat from entering your room.

Close the windows and drapes

When you are away from home, switch on your air-conditioning units to 25 degree celsius for at least 1 hour before you reach your home and also make sure that all your windows and drapes are closed. Hence, in this way, you are able to save on your energy while enjoying the coolness.


Don't forget about the fan. When air-conditioning was not invented, fan is the only appliances that keep us cool. Hence, we uses air-conditioner to keep us cool, however, by using additional appliances such as fan can helps. Fans can help to circulate the cool air to your room or office at an efficient manner. Hence, your air-conditioner will requires less energy to cool down the whole room instead. Hence, the fan acts as a backup plan is an perfect idea.

Solar Air-conditioning System

Do you know that solar power can be used to supply electricity to air-conditioning system for your house or buildings? The solar air-conditioning refers to air-conditioning that uses solar power to operate the cooling process that will cool down the whole room or buildings. So how exactly solar aircon works? It is actually achieved by using the conversion of sunlight to electricity, which often known as solar thermal energy conversion. This is one of the new technology that is developed during the past few years. Solar aircon may be the next solutions in having an Eco-friendly building designs across the world.

solar-air-conditioning system

How Solar Works?

Solar system is used where it is able to absorb the sunlight and cover it into electricity by using cells in the solar system. In almost every single day, there will be definitely sunlight shining upon your house. Your house’s roof is the best location for installation of the solar panel. The solar panel is able to convert sunlight into electrons in to DC electricity. After which, there will be a inverter which will converts the DC electricity into AC electricity. AC power is the electricity that are used by our house, buildings that are used to operate our daily electricity usage such as television and air-conditioner.

There is an energy meter that records all the electricity that your solar panel is able to generate. If there are remaining energy that you do not consume from your solar system, it will be stored into an electrical storage through the energy meter. Thus, during days where there are barely any sunlight, such as during night times, where the solar system is unable to generate energy for your electrical usage, it will consume the energy that is stored in the grid. This is helpful and useful especially during the days where your solar system is unable to produce electricity more than your building needs.

What is Solar Cells?

Solar cells are the cells that are inside the solar panel, it is being manufactured using electricity conductive materials. Thus, when sunlight shines on the cell, there will be a chemical reactions that will have electrons which is used to produce electricity. Some common use of solar cells can be found in small electrical appliances such as air-conditioner remotes in some countries or calculators.


Solar Aircon System in Environmental Buildings

In modern technology, solar system can be easily installed into buildings and homes that can be used to power our daily electrical consumption such as air-conditioner which is one of the highest electrical consumption electrical appliances. Modern eco buildings are started to incorporate solar system in order to support the electrical consumption from their air-conditioners. This not only reduce their electrical consumption but is also eco-friendly. In recent years, there are several of designs of solar system that are able to blend well with the designs of the buildings. Hence, it will not only helps to build an Eco-friendly building but also able improve the modern design of the buildings.

In conclusion, solar air-conditioning system is one of the advanced technology in building a eco-friendly building. It have many advantages such as reducing the consumption of electricity from power station by using self-generated energy from the sunlight. In the long run, even though there could be some maintenance works, however, it will definitely benefits the owners and environment. Solar air-conditioning could be the next top priority for buildings owners when they build their buildings. This can be seen in various countries such as US and some Asia countries such as Singapore.

Eco-friendly Environmental Building

eco-friendly-building By promoting the building of a green building across the world is an essential step in saving the Earth and promoting a healthier and environmental friendly environment for us to live in. Other than that, green buildings are able to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified office which is an international certification system that is developed by the US Green Building Council. Only green buildings that have met the strict criteria such as the design, environmental features and construction of the building operations and more set by the USGBC are able to obtain the certification. Other than that, a green building is able to reduce the harmful impacts on the environment such as pollution and build a better environmental friendly workplace environment for the users. In addition, the innovative technologies in the green building will help to reduce the amount of daily water and energy consumption which will reduce the operating costs in a long run.

Eco-Friendly Innovative Technology Solutions

There are different innovative technology solutions that is able to help to reduce the amount of energy consumption in a building in the long run. Firstly, advanced lighting system such as occupancy sensors where it will be automatically switched off when there is no people and also the use of natural day light to reduce the use of lights. Secondly, by keeping track of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for indoor and outdoor, we are able to ensure that the building is not emitting too much harmful substances to the environment and ensure that the progress of the green building. Thirdly, by having an effective hear recovery system, we are able to reduce the amount of energy intake. Fourthly, with plantation of different plants and different operations system that requires water, you are able to store rain water and use it in an efficiency irrigation system that could supply those water to the plants and the operations system that are in the buildings. This can significantly reduce the amount of fresh water that is used for the irrigation of the plants and operations system. Lastly, having an environmental design in the building that promotes the ventilation of the building can efficiently reduce the amount of fan ventilation or air-conditioning system that cools down the building. This can significantly reduce the amount of power consumption from appliances such as air-conditioner and fans ventilation. An environmental sustainable building which also known as green building helps to efficiently use of energy. The green buildings have many environmental features that promotes the use of energy, light, water and heat efficiently. Some even have innovative technologies that are able to generate renewable energy such as solar power. Sustainable building is able to significantly reduce the amount of water, energy and wastes that a building utilises. Most of the buildings that are constructed actually uses materials that are not environmentally friendly. This is because several materials that they used in the construction requires different processes that requires additional energy to build which increase the level of pollution to the Earth.