10 Tips to Save Energy When Using an Air-Conditioning System in Singapore


In Singapore, air-conditioner is a must due to extreme weather in Singapore. There are many ways to save energy without switching the air-conditioning system, however, when the heat and temperature rises up to more than 40 degree Celsius, it is a must to turn on the air-conditioner if not we will get heat stroke even in our house.

I am sure there are many adults are able to ensure the stuffy and hot weather in Singapore, where they find themselves proud to be able to sleep without any air-conditioning units. However, there are some that do not have such endurance or they require aircon due to their own needs. You may have children or elderly that require air-conditioning system, if not your room is full of computers equipment which require cooling to prevent the heat from damaging the components and parts inside. We all understand that, and each of us have our own needs in using an aircon system. Hence, if you want to reduce your energy consumption and save your energy bills while carry on using your air-conditioning system, carry on reading the 10 energy saving tips below.

Set a Higher Temperature at Night

During night time, the outdoor temperature will be much lower as compared to the day. Hence, during the night, you do not need to set the same constant low temperature. So by turning the temperature up, you are able to reduce the amount of energy consumption by the unit.

Use Window or Portable Aircon Units

If you are using an centralised air-conditioning system in your house and you only want to cool down your room instead of the whole house, you can try using a portable air-conditioning system in Singapore. They can save up to 50% of the energy as compared to the central aircon unit when cooling off the same area.

Close all the windows

When you switch on your air-conditioning system, it is crucial to keep your house or room enclosed by closing all the windows. This will prevent the cool air from escaping and this will reduce the amount of time to cool down your room or house.

Engage Regular Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Regular aircon servicing is able improve the condition of your air-conditioning system. Most of your air-conditioning are able to benefits from the general servicing. For example, a dirty air-conditioner can result in an units to work at least 10% harder.

Regularly Check your Ducts

If your house or office is during an centralised air-conditioning system, always ensure that your ducts that are running through your house are properly connected. Always keep check that the ducts are connected and properly insulated as a poorly installed and insulated duct will cause the cool air to be escaped before it reaches your room or house.

Shift your Furniture

Always make sure that your furniture is not blocking the air-conditioning vents or air flow. If not, your air-conditioner will be cooling the furniture instead of the room. I am sure that you will want to enjoy the cool air instead of your furniture.

Try Setting your Temperature to 25 Degree Celsius

25 degree celsius is the optimal temperature that is able to run efficiently and at the same time, reduce the energy consumption of your units. By reducing your temperature by 5 degree celsius will cause your air-conditioning system to use up to 35% more energy, which will increase the energy bills for your units in the long run.


By switching off the lights, you are able to reduce the amount of heat generated by the lights. By reducing the amount of heat in your house or room, it will take lesser time for the air-conditioning units to cool down your room. Besides lightings, the amount of light entering from a open windows can also significantly contribute to the amount of heat in a room. Thus, always keep your windows closed in the day to prevent excessive heat from entering your room.

Close the windows and drapes

When you are away from home, switch on your air-conditioning units to 25 degree celsius for at least 1 hour before you reach your home and also make sure that all your windows and drapes are closed. Hence, in this way, you are able to save on your energy while enjoying the coolness.


Don’t forget about the fan. When air-conditioning was not invented, fan is the only appliances that keep us cool. Hence, we uses air-conditioner to keep us cool, however, by using additional appliances such as fan can helps. Fans can help to circulate the cool air to your room or office at an efficient manner. Hence, your air-conditioner will requires less energy to cool down the whole room instead. Hence, the fan acts as a backup plan is an perfect idea.