5 Strategy to Save Money While Using an Air-Conditioning


An average amount of energy bills for a households just on air-conditioning is around $350 per month. So in this article, we will go through some of the ways that allows you to save on your energy bills without compromising your comfort level.

Firstly, you should not set and forget the temperature that you have set for your air-conditioning system. Different period of times throughout the day will cause the outdoor temperature to change. Hence, we can change the temperature that we have set to reduce the amount of energy consumption. If you have a centralised air-conditioning system in your house or office, you can use a programmable thermostat by setting it to the appropriate temperature during the day where there is no one in the premises. On the other hand, during the night, you can set the temperature higher. In addition, try to keep the temperature of your air-conditioner at 25 degree Celsius to achieve a cooling comfort and energy saving level. By setting and using the programmable thermostat correctly, it can help you to save an amount of money from your energy bills.

Secondly, always remember to clean or replace your air filters. In almost every air-conditioner system, there will definitely be filters in it. When the filters get dirty, it will reduce the overall efficiency of the system and result in an increase in its energy consumption. Hence, always check the condition of your filters and be prepared to change the filters once every 3 months.

Thirdly, engage professionals for regular check up on your air-conditioning system, especially for centralised aircon which require professional contractor. Hence, by engaging a professional to check on your air-conditioning system, they are able to diagnose any potential issues with your air-conditioner. This will ensure that these problems are being rectified in the early stage before it worsen.

Fourthly, big may not better for you. If you are planning to get an air-conditioner to cool down your room, a window or split aircon will consume much lesser energy to operate as compared to a centralised aircon for your house. Hence, always think how you will use your new air-conditioner to cool down your room and always choose the right capacity units. Do some simple calculation and you will be able to find out which is the right air-conditioning that will suit your needs.

Always look out for the Energy Star or the Energy Efficiency label in Singapore. Regardless you are buying a centralised air-conditioning system, split units or a room unit, the energy efficiency plays an important role in your energy bills. Depending on the models and types of air-conditioner, the units that have Energy Star label will save around 10% to 15% of your energy consumption.


You can find out more about The Energy Label of your air-conditioners in Singapore and see which air-conditioners can meet your needs for your house or office.