How to Choose the Right Air-conditioning Servicing Company in Asia – Singapore?

reliable-aircon-companyAre you looking for a professional and quality air-conditioner company in Singapore? Air-conditioning system is one of the most essential electrical appliances in most households. Due to the harsh weather in most Asia country, including Singapore, the weather can get very hot and stuffy and air-conditioner is the only appliances that can keep us cool. However, if your units have breakdown, it can cause you frustration and inconvenience which I am sure all of us have experienced before. Repair jobs is inevitable since the units will encounter issues anytime during operations. Hence, to reduce the possibility of your units having breakdown issue, it is crucial to have regular aircon maintenance and servicing in Singapore to ensure that your air-conditioner is in good working condition.

Looking for a reliable servicing contractor is not that simple. Regular cleaning and servicing for your air-conditioner system is crucial in up keeping the condition of your units. There are many companies promoting themselves as the top notch and professional company. Hence, you need to perform thorough research on the company to check if what they said are accurate. There are many trained aircon technicians providing quality aircon services in Singapore. In this article, we will be discussing some of the tips in choosing a professional aircon company in Singapore

Professional Certificates

The most important thing that you should do is to check if the company is registered with professional bodies in Singapore such as the Building & Construction Authority (BCA). Since there are many different professional bodies in Singapore, always check the authenticity of the certificate. What you can do is to put perform more in-depth research or check with the relevant authorities bodies for clarification.


Air-conditioner Technicians

Another point to consider is to source for companies that have experienced technicians that are popular and recommended by many consumers. The technicians should also be aware of all the safety precautions and have all the necessary safety equipment such as gloves, safety harness, safety helmet, ladder. Other than that, always ensure that the technicians is using the appropriate equipment when cleaning and servicing your air-conditioning system. The technicians should also be professional and experienced in performing these servicing tasks.

Do the Technicians Have Insurance?

When choosing a technicians to service your air-conditioner system, you must ensure that these technicians are insurance bonded. You may think that this is unnecessary, however, in the event that there are any damages incurred, at least you know that there damages are covered by the insurance company. If necessary, you can request for the proof of the insurance from the company.

If you engage in a company that do not have any insurance covered for their technicians, you may find yourself suffer from damages when you spent money on these damages.

Reputable & Certified Aircon Company

It is best to engage an Air-Conditioning company that have been in the air-conditioning industry in Singapore for several years and most importantly, have a good reputation. You can look out for online reviews or if you have a friend that have previously engaged their service, you can ask them about their experience. On the other hand, new air-conditioner companies may not be necessarily bad since they may have new technology and equipment which makes them a better choice.

Hence, it is important to ensure that your air-conditioning contractor is offering quality and reliable aircon servicing in Singapore. This will help you to save a lot of trouble and substantial amount of money. Hence, before engaging any companies, make sure that you have done thorough research and read about their customers’ testimonial. This will allows you to choose a reputable and reliable air-conditioning company in Singapore.