Solar Air-conditioning System

Do you know that solar power can be used to supply electricity to air-conditioning system for your house or buildings? The solar air-conditioning refers to air-conditioning that uses solar power to operate the cooling process that will cool down the whole room or buildings. So how exactly solar aircon works? It is actually achieved by using the conversion of sunlight to electricity, which often known as solar thermal energy conversion. This is one of the new technology that is developed during the past few years. Solar aircon may be the next solutions in having an Eco-friendly building designs across the world.

solar-air-conditioning system

How Solar Works?

Solar system is used where it is able to absorb the sunlight and cover it into electricity by using cells in the solar system. In almost every single day, there will be definitely sunlight shining upon your house. Your house’s roof is the best location for installation of the solar panel. The solar panel is able to convert sunlight into electrons in to DC electricity. After which, there will be a inverter which will converts the DC electricity into AC electricity. AC power is the electricity that are used by our house, buildings that are used to operate our daily electricity usage such as television and air-conditioner.

There is an energy meter that records all the electricity that your solar panel is able to generate. If there are remaining energy that you do not consume from your solar system, it will be stored into an electrical storage through the energy meter. Thus, during days where there are barely any sunlight, such as during night times, where the solar system is unable to generate energy for your electrical usage, it will consume the energy that is stored in the grid. This is helpful and useful especially during the days where your solar system is unable to produce electricity more than your building needs.

What is Solar Cells?

Solar cells are the cells that are inside the solar panel, it is being manufactured using electricity conductive materials. Thus, when sunlight shines on the cell, there will be a chemical reactions that will have electrons which is used to produce electricity. Some common use of solar cells can be found in small electrical appliances such as air-conditioner remotes in some countries or calculators.


Solar Aircon System in Environmental Buildings

In modern technology, solar system can be easily installed into buildings and homes that can be used to power our daily electrical consumption such as air-conditioner which is one of the highest electrical consumption electrical appliances. Modern eco buildings are started to incorporate solar system in order to support the electrical consumption from their air-conditioners. This not only reduce their electrical consumption but is also eco-friendly. In recent years, there are several of designs of solar system that are able to blend well with the designs of the buildings. Hence, it will not only helps to build an Eco-friendly building but also able improve the modern design of the buildings.

In conclusion, solar air-conditioning system is one of the advanced technology in building a eco-friendly building. It have many advantages such as reducing the consumption of electricity from power station by using self-generated energy from the sunlight. In the long run, even though there could be some maintenance works, however, it will definitely benefits the owners and environment. Solar air-conditioning could be the next top priority for buildings owners when they build their buildings. This can be seen in various countries such as US and some Asia countries such as Singapore.