Tips in Maintaining your Air-conditioning System

In an air-conditioner, the evaporator coils, filters and fins requires regular maintenance in order for the unit to operate efficiently and smoothly during its years of service. The lack of basic maintenance for your air-conditioning units can results in a decline in the performance of your system and also, increase in its energy consumption. In this article, we will be discussing about the various tips in maintaining your air-conditioning system to keep your units in good working condition.

Air-conditioner Filters


Aircon filters is one of the most important components in an air-conditioner system as it prevent the dust from entering the units, this increase its lifespan. Hence, one of the maintenance tasks will be replacing or clean the air filters to ensure the efficiency of your air-conditioning system. A clogged and dirty air filters will result in a blocked airflow and significantly reduce its efficiency. With the clogged filters, air that went through the filters will carry dirt into the evaporator coils and affects the efficiency in its cooling and heating process. Hence, by replacing or cleaning your air filters, you are able to reduce the energy consumption of your units by around 5% – 10%

If your house are using centralised air-conditioning system, the filters are normally located along with the ducted air-conditioning system. Some of the common filters locations are such as ceilings, walls or in the air-conditioning system. For room aircon, the filters normally located in the grilles that is facing the wall.

There are different types of filters in an air-conditioner, some are reusable while some are required to replace after some time. On average, you should clean or replace your air filters once every month, if not, 2 months. However, case by case basis, if your air-conditioner are being switched on constantly for business use, you will need more attention to these air-conditioner, where the filters should be changed or cleaned more frequently.

Air-conditioner Coils

evaporator coil

Aircon evaporator coil is one of the most essential components in an air-conditioner system. The coils will accumulate dirt and dust over time. A clean filter can prevent the worsening of the condition of the evaporator coils. However, over time, the coils will still accumulate dirt and dust. The accumulated dirt will reduce the efficiency of the heat transfer process and reduce the airflow which affects the overall efficiency of the system. In order to prevent such issues from happening, always check the condition of your evaporator coils and clean it regularly.

Besides the indoor evaporator coils, the outdoor coils can also accumulate dirt and dust if the outdoor environment of your condenser is very dusty or if there are some construction works going on. If you take a look at your outdoor unit, you can easily notice if there are any dust or dirt build up on the coils.

In order to reduce the amount of dirt and dust from building up in your outdoor condenser coils, you should keep your condenser clear from dirt and debris. Plants, trees, etc. are prone to cause dirt and dusts around your unit. Hence, by cleaning the area of your condenser unit can result in proper airflow around the condenser and minimize the dirt or dust from accumulating.

Air-conditioner Coil Fins

coil fin

Another important parts in your aircon system is the aluminum fins on your evaporator coil and outdoor coil where it can potentially block the airflow when the fins are bent. Hence, always ensure that your air-conditioning fins are in good condition to prevent such issues from happening.

Room Air-conditioner- Window Seals

When you have a room air-conditioner in your room, always ensure that the air-conditioning and the windows frame are sealed completely. Overtime, the moisture levels in the room may cause damage to the seals and result in the cool air from escaping from your room.

Hiring a Professional Aircon Servicing Company

There will be situation where your air-conditioner requires more than an regular servicing maintenance. In this case, always hire a professional servicing company. A qualified and well-trained aircon technicians will be able to diagnose potential problems in your system and rectify your aircon problems.

There are some procedures that a professional aircon technicians will carried out. It includes checking of the refrigerant level, test for refrigerant leaks, check any seal leakage for centralised air-conditioning system, measure the airflow level from the indoor units, ensure all electric contacts are secured and tighten, ensure the thermostat are in working condition and many more.

In conclusion, by having all these basic maintenance for your air-conditioning, it will ensure that that your units is in good working condition and increase in its operating efficiency. Other than that, in the long run, it will help you to save on the overall energy consumption from your air-conditioner system and help you to save a substantial amount from the energy bills. Hence, always remember to perform basic maintenance for your air-conditioning system to extend the lifespan of your system.